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Born Bad

Mental Health

The controls used on emotional arousal and cognitive processes are difficult in several societies, because of the presence of beliefs in several more issues and forces, which influence the bidirectional to and fro journey of effects between mental health and mental illness. Human beings in general accept only experiential methods of verifications and approval of […]

Power of student mind thru NLP

Harnessing the power of the mind has led to the popularity of alternative approaches to personal development and communication. One of these methods is Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which was initiated as a self-help process. In a dynamic teacher-learner relationship, meaning is achieved through mutual feedback. All communication potentially influences learning. Teachers’ language and behavior crucially influence […]

Thinking NLP When Dealing with Mental Disorders Can Be a Right Choice

With regard to the increasing changes and sophistication of society and development of social communications, preparation of individuals, for facing difficult situations is an essential issue. With number of patients affected with mental disorders rising at an alarming rate, focus is on giving equal attention to mental health along with physical well-being for all-round excellence. […]

Be Equipped Psychologically

Many people who suffer from psychological and mental distress, personal crises and mental disorders can benefit from receiving psychological and mental health first aid from professionals and the general public. One in four adults will experience mental health difficulties at one time or the other but many will receive little or no help when they […]

Mindfulness for Positive Mental Health

The practice of mindfulness is increasingly being integrated into contemporary clinical psychology. Based in Buddhist philosophy and subsequently integrated into Western health care in the contexts of psychotherapy and stress management, mindfulness meditation is evolving as a systematic clinical intervention. This paper describes of mindfulness meditation predominantly in medical settings, as originally conceived and developed […]

Sex-Education & Counseling: Effective Prevention & Management Tools for HIV/AIDS

Just as schools are critical settings for preparing students academically, they are also vital partners in helping young people take responsibility for their own health. Control of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is feasible, leads to improved sexual and reproductive health and contributes to preventing HIV transmission. The most advanced HIV epidemics have developed under conditions […]

A Study of Occupational Stress and Job Satisfaction of Police Personnel of Gujarat State

The present research was conducted in order to understand the occupational stress faced by the police personnel of Gujarat state and their levels of Job satisfaction with their lives. A total sample of 120 (60 males and 60 females) were taken for the study. Out of the 120 sample, 60 were armed and 60 were […]

Lonely Together: The Psychological Divide Due to Social Networking Sites

We live in a world full of judgment and competition, inescapably comparing ourselves and being compared to those around us. The types of actions users take and the kinds of information they are adding to their Facebook walls and profiles are a reflection of their identities. You are your Facebook, basically, and despite all its […]