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About Aastha Dhingra

Expert Clinical Psychologist in India

An M.Phil in Clinical Psychology, Aastha Dhingra has long background in field of psychology with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Psychology from reputed universities. She is registered with Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) and associated with many recognized institutions, corporate, schools, universities and government departments as Expert Psychologist, Counsellor, Trainer and Coach.

Clinical Pshycologyst

She specializes in psychological assessments, stress management, treatment of depression, anxiety and phobias, obsessions, as well as other emotional-cognitive-behavioural issues in children, adults as well as geriatrics. As a Clinical psychologist and a Psychotherapist, her expertise lies in helping people navigate and deal with mental health problems such as anxiety disorders, panic disorders, social phobia, specific phobia, major depressive disorder, grief and losses, attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), conduct disorder, and so on. She is also equipped with tools to provide relationship counselling, career counselling as well as geriatric counselling.

Life Coach

As a life coach, Aastha has been transforming lives of people through coaching, mentoring and self awareness to individuals from diversified background, facing complex emotional, behavioural and life style issues. She is conducting sessions and workshops for corporate clients for effective business productivity and optimizing human resource efficiency at work.


Her passions are conducting sessions/ workshops, writing articles and publications on various aspects of mental wellbeing and psychological awareness.

She is also a trainer with famous educational institutions and corporate like Maruti Suzuki India Pvt Ltd, DLF Ltd., Manav Rachna International School, Dronacharya College, Ridge Valley School, etc. She is an columnist with Times of India. Aastha is an author and has almost 20 papers to her credit in various national and international journals. She is an anchor / speaker with NDTV Prime.


    1. I was awarded in IML Fest-shop in the category of Leadership Workshop conducted on 27th Feb, 2013 at Manav Rachna International University.
    2. I was awarded “Miss Talented” at Manav Rachna International University in Department fest.
    3. I have actively volunteered for ICDA Conference held in MRIU.
    4. I have volunteered and conducted Career tests at Connect to career conference held at MRIU.
    5. I have effectively been instrumental in conducting the survey on 1500 women safety at Shahi Exports, Faridabad.
    6. I have also prepared Powerpoint Presentations on “Awareness of Traffic Rules” and “Child Abuse” for Faridabad Police which will be used to spread awareness in various schools of Faridabad, and is handed over.
    7. I have volunteered and conducted psychological tests to find out the cases of child abuse in Rahul Colony, Faridabad, where this problem has been persisting.
    8. I have also successfully undergone a 100 hour of Corporate Social Responsibility project in collaboration with Faridabad Police at Surajkund Police Station.
    9. Lastly I have volunteered my services in the launch of women safety application “imsafe”.